Logging in, accounts, and passwords

If you’ve already purchased tickets or subscriptions in the past, have purchased an individual rental, or subscribed to ETC On Demand, you already have an account ready for access. In order to view recorded productions or livestream events, you must login to your ETC On Demand account using your selected email and password. If you don’t already have an account, you can register directly on our ETC On Demand site.

I already have an ETC online account from past purchases

If you already have an online account with ETC and have set a password, you can log in with those credentials. If you haven’t reset your password since we upgraded our system, you can also do this here.

Forgot your password? Don’t sweat it. Request a new one now!

I don’t have an ETC online account yet

Are you a new customer or just don’t have an account yet? That’s okay, there are many ways to set one up! You can either set up a new account when purchasing a rental or subscription to ETC On Demand, or you can create one on our account page.