Watching on different devices

Watching on your TV

If you want to watch on your TV, we recommend you use an HDMI cable to connect. You will only be able to cast or mirror your screen from phone to your TV if you have Chromecast or AirPlay.

Linking devices with an HDMI cable

You can watch ETC On Demand by plugging one of the above mentioned devices into your television with a compatible HDMI cord, which is on most TVs on the backside of the screen. If your TV does not have an HDMI port, you may have to also purchase an adapter to work with your specific TV model.

Attach the HDMI cord to the TV and your chosen streaming device. From there, check to see if your screen has changed! Some TVs will automatically display the content, but others may require you to manually change the source via your remote.

Now that you’ve connected your device to your TV, and made sure that the correct video and audio sources are chosen, you’re ready to navigate to and start the show.

Casting and screen mirroring

If you have a Smart TV which supports AirPlay or Chromecast, or have a separate AirPlay or Chromecast device, you should be able to cast ETC On Demand from your smart phone, tablet, or computer to your TV! If you’re not sure whether or not you have this capability or this technology, we recommend giving yourself at least an hour before your desired streaming time to test this. If you are unable to cast or screen mirror, you can take the route of the HDMI port or just view it on your other devices.

Screen mirroring from an Apple computer with AirPlay

You can screen mirror our productions from your Apple device to an AirPlay compatible device by using screen mirroring to project what is on your computer screen to your television. If you choose to go this route, you must cast your entire screen with the video playing full-screen as opposed to casting directly from the video player.

Need more help with screen mirroring? Read more here.

Using Google Chromecast from your desktop or laptop computer

  • Open Google Chrome and click the three dots at the top right of the browser screen, then select ‘Cast’
  • Then, click ‘Sources’
  • Under ‘Sources’ you’ll select ‘Cast Desktop’
  • Then you’ll select the Chromecast compatible device on which you want to stream the production

Need more help? Get more Chromecast assistance here.

Casting from your iOS device using AirPlay

Navigate to in your browser, login to your online account, and begin playing the video of your choosing. Open the video to fullscreen and tap the AirPlay symbol on the screen, then selecting your AirPlay compatible device to cast to.

If casting from a smartphone, you may have some interruption to your stream. Another factor which may affect the quality of your stream is the age and model of your phone. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all devices.

Play on your Smart TV’s installed browser

Some Smart TVs have pre-installed browsers which enable users to play video. If this is the case with your TV, navigate to, login to your account, and navigate to the production for which you have access. Please note, this method may be a bit more time-consuming, so allow time for setup.